Speakers are posted as they are confirmed.


Colin Ake, Director of Business Development of Masten Space Systems

Gary Barnhard, Executive Director of the National Space Society

Tamara E. Bond, Membership Director of the Society of Satellite Professionals International

Ben Brockert, R&D Engineer at Armadillo Aerospace

Steve Brody, VP of North American Operations, International Space University

Webster Cash, Professor at the Department of Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences & Aerospace Engineering Sciences, CU Boulder

Carissa Christensen, Managing Partner of the Tauri Group

Cindy Conrad, Administrative Coordinator at the Southwest Research Institute

Col. Chris D. Crawford, Commander of the 21st Space Wing

Barbara David, Space Science Education Consultant & Journalist, Space Data Resource & Information

Leonard David, Research Assoc., Space Insider Columnist, Secure World Foundation

Ken Davidian, Director of Research in the Office of Commercial Space Trans. FAA

Diane Dimeff, Executive Director of eSpace

Marcia Fiamengo, Chief Operating Office, Federation of Galaxy Explorers

Jeff Foust, Senior Analyst at the Futron Corporation

John Gedmark, Founding Executive Director, Commercial Spaceflight Federation

Jon Goff, CEO of Altius Space Machines

Kenn Gold, VP of R&D at Emergent Space Technologies

Rick Hanton, Chair of SEDS-USA

Dave Hewitt, Propulsion Engineer at Dynetics, Inc.

Moriba K. Jah, Technical Advisor at the GN&C Group, Director at the ASTRIA Air Force Research Lab

Bruce Jakosky, Principal Investigator of the Mars MAVEN mission, Associate Director for Science at LASP

Paul Jerde, Executive Director of the Deming Center for Entrepreneurship, CU Boulder

Bill Johns, Chief Engineer of the Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle, Lockheed Martin

Michael Joyce, Founder and President, Next Giant Leap LLC

Alan Ladwig, Deputy Assoc. Admin. for Public Outreach, Office of Comm., NASA HQ

Barbara Lawton, Professor and Program Chair of Lockheed Martin Engineering Management Program, CU Boulder

Steve Lindsey, Director of Flight Operations, Space Systems Group, Sierra Nevada Corporation, NASA Astronaut (Ret.)

Mike McGrath, Engineering Director, LASP

Khaki McKee, Program Manager, XCOR Aerospace

Ryan McLinko, Systems Engineer at the Sierra Nevada Corporation, Project Manager & Director of the Space Frontier Foundation

Jonathan Metts, Systems Engineer at the Sierra Nevada Corporation

Tiffany Montague, Director of Space Initiatives, Google Inc.

Diane Murphy, Exec. VP & Trustee of the X-PRIZE Foundation, President of the Aquarius Group LLC

George C. Nield, Assoc. Admin. for Commercial Space Trans., FAA

Bill Nye, Executive Director of The Planetary Society

William Pomerantz, VP of Special Projects of Virgin Galactic

Iain Probert, VP of Education of the Space Foundation

Bob Richards, Co-Founder of SEDS & ISU, Co-Founder & CEO of Moon Express, Inc.

Kent Rominger, VP of Advanced Programs of ATK, NASA Astronaut (Ret.)

Merri Sanchez,Senior Director of Space Exploration Systems, Sierra Nevada Corporation

Tommy Sanford, Government Affairs Associate of the Space Foundation

Dr. Hanspeter Schaub, CU Boulder Aerospace Professor

Tommy Sanford, Government Affairs Associate, Space Foundation

Daniel J. Scheeres, Professor, Department of Aerospace Engineering Sciences at CU Boulder, Radio Science Team Lead of the OSIRIS-REx Mission

Mark Sirangelo, Executive VP of the Sierra Nevada Corporation, Chairman of SNC Space Systems

George Sowers, VP of Business Development of the United Launch Alliance

Alan Stern, VP of R&D of the Southwest Research Institute, Principal Investigator of the New Horizons Mission to Pluto

Janet Stevens, VP of Marketing and Comm. of the Space Foundation

Hollie Stevenson, VP of Education, Junior Achievement - Rocky Mountain Inc.

Dennis Stone, President, Manager of Program Integration, Commercial Crew & Cargo Program, Word Space Week Assoc.

Joseph R. Tanner, Senior Instructor in the Department of Aerospace Engineering Sciences at CU Boulder, NASA Astronaut (Ret.)

Chris Thompson, CCDev Engineer, Boeing Space Exploration

John Troeltzsch, Kepler Program Manager, Ball Aerospace

David A. Vallado, Senior Research Astrodynamicist, Analytical Graphics Inc., Center for Space Standards and Innovation

William Watson, Executive Director of the Space Frontier Foundation

Paul Wieland, P.E., Author of "Crossing the Threshold: Advancing into Space to Benefit the Earth"

Larry Williams, VP of Strategic Relations of SpaceX

Dr. Simon 'Pete' Worden, Center Director, NASA Ames Research Center