Conference Chair: Brandon Seifert
Vice Chair: Kier Fortier
Director of Programming: Ben Bradley
Director of Operations: Kirstyn Johnson
Director of Finance: Chris Nie
Directors of Banquet: Laura Stiles
Directors of Opening Ceremonies: Kyle Shannon
Director of Exhibits/Registration: Matthew Cannella
Director of Media Operations: Juliana Feldhacker
Director of Volunteers: Jeremy Klammer
Director of SEDS-USA Relations: Mike Lotto
Conference Adviser: Brad Cheetham
Conference Adviser: Bruce Davis
CUSEDS President: Jeremy Klammer


National Chair: Rick Hanton
Vice Chair: Sara Meschberger
D.Finance: Christopher Ogden
D.Chapter Affairs: Daniel Pastuf
D.Chapter Expansion: Hallie Gengl
D.Publications: David Holewka
D.Public Relations: Zachary Liquorman
D.Educational Outreach: Dina Cavicchia
D.National Projects: David DeBoth
D.High School Affairs: Anna Ho
Webmaster: Joshua Sosa
Secretary: Mike Lotto