The largest student-organized space conference in the nation. Orchestrated by the Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) as the SEDS-USA annual international conference, the conference is dedicated to facilitating networking between college students, professionals, and the public, furthering the development of the National Committee (SEDS-USA), and sharing ideas through interactive lectures and workshops. SpaceVision 2011 is expected to attract 300-500 students and professionals from across the country and around the world.

SpaceVision 2011 will focus on the effect the aerospace industry will have on our futures regarding government policy, entrepreneurship, and sciences. Carl Sagan spoke of how we are all together and all alone; how all of our history and all of what we are is here on Earth as it has been since the beginning. He spoke of how looking to the sky above us is what will ultimately unify and define us, that it is what will break down barriers of every kind and how our future is in the stars. Space exploration is no longer a matter of one country trying to beat another, this is no longer about trying to assert some kind of dominance - this is about all of the human race working together to move itself forward; this is about the next ‘giant leap’ in human history.

The University of Colorado SEDS Chapter (CUSEDS) was voted to host the conference due to their strong growth over the past several years and their emergence as a leading chapter within the national organization. The group won the prestigious Chapter of the Year award at the 2009 SpaceVision Conference, hosted by the University of Arizona, and the Best Chapter Project award at the 2010 SpaceVision Conference, hosted by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Currently, CUSEDS has fifteen core members who meet on a weekly basis to organize regular events such as guest lectures, policy panels, space related trips/tours, Yuri’s Night and community outreach for the group’s eighty members.

SEDS started in 1980 as a joint venture between Peter Diamandis at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Todd Hawley at Princeton University. The group had a simple vision which continues to serve as its underlying guiding principle today: to unite students with enthusiasm for the exploration and eventual development of space. SEDS has a central national chapter (SEDS-USA) whose elected members act as a coordinating body for over 25 chapters containing 800 students at various universities throughout the United States, and many international chapters such as UKSEDS and SEDS-India.

This conference is the largest and most publicized SEDS event held and will model the organization’s ambition, professionalism, and potential internationally. The Boulder SpaceVision committee seeks to raise the bar by hosting a wider variety of speakers, offering new conference events, and including non-SEDS members from colleges across the country. We hope to improve the SEDS organization by showing the world that space isn’t just for the engineers and astronauts anymore.

Previous SpaceVision Hosts:
2010 – University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign
2009 – University of Arizona
2008 – Texas A&M University
2007 – Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2006 – University of Central Florida

OCTOBER 27 - 30